Winning and Losing the “Sign Poachers” War.

We make our own signs when we sell a home: “Open House” direction signs and “For Sale” signs that are customized to each sale.

We learned years ago to put the home’s address and the time of the “Open House” on our direction signs because, as soon as we put them in the ground directing buyers to our listing, other real estate agents jumped on our bandwagon. Often, we team up with listing agents in the area, but just as often outside agents join in the fun, uninvited.

“I pulled into what I thought was your listing,” one buyer recently explained, “and then I realized it was not the address on the sign. I backed out of the drive. As I drove away, someone scampered out of the house, frantically waving at me. It was quite comical.”

Something that is NOT so funny is the SIGN POACHERS: people, often children, like to take a “For Sale” sign and plant it in front of another home, as a joke, a prank.

Sometimes disgruntled neighbors like to take an agent’s sign and just throw it away. When this happens, the agent loses the sign, and they are not cheap.

We have learned to put the signs out of reach of poachers and pranksters, attaching them to a balcony, for example, still visible to the outside world.

And that worked, in this case, for just a couple of days. Until the notice arrived from the community board telling us to take them down. Open house signs are fine. For Sales signs are not. Try to wrap your logic around that one.

We’ve never understood why community boards want to limit sales techniques in places like Boca Wood. It is one of the best way to raise home prices.

Down the signs came. In the end, they were not stolen by kids. They were filched by another bunch of short-sighted community overseers.

Sometimes, as a real estate agent, you must tilt at the windmills of the age we live in. The fun is always in a successful sale. Nobody makes it easy.


Kerstin Williams

Kerstin Williams has been an award-winning Realtor® in South Florida for many years. She worked for the second largest agency in Boca Raton as a “top producer” before joining Templeworks Properties LLC. Kerstin has developed many unique and private contacts with European companies and people who might buy homes in Florida. She is a Graduate of the Realtor® Institute (GRI) and a Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS). She is also a member of the Global Business Alliance of the Palm Beaches.

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