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  1. We cooperate with every licensed real estate agent who can bring a buyer to your home. We will NEVER try to turn your sale into a “pocket listing” in an attempt to get both sides of the deal.

  2. Your home will have a dedicated website on the Internet to attract buyers, and we also use the MLS (Multiple Listing Service),®, Zillow, Trulia, and many other social media to get you the best price quickly.

  3. Your website will sell your home, NOT our brokerage service, and we will use our targeted email lists to make it happen.

  4. As a boutique, we think small is beautiful. We sell every home we list. You are not one of many, but rather one of the most important sales we will make in the next few months.

  5. We have superior, award-winning marketing, communications, social media, and Internet experience. Your broker is a best-selling author.

  6. We have existing international, national, and local contacts who want to buy your home quickly.





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