Your open house must work for you, not your Realtor®.

See a 30-sec open house flick.

  1. Many Realtors® use an “open house” to find new prospects rather than buyers for your home.
  2. They might spend a few bucks on cookies and candy, but that won't make your “open house” memorable.
  3. You need to turn your “open house” into an event. Magicians, book readings, prize drawings, imagination works.
  4. Make sure your Realtor® creates a 4-page brochure in color, a competitive analysis, and floor plans for your visitors. These items should be available 24/7.
  5. Some Realtors® use the failure of an “open house” to get you to lower your price, but who established the price in the first place? If it was you, you made a mistake. If it was your Realtor®, your property might be selling some other, less-expensive listings in your Realtor’s® inventory.
  6. Make sure the marketing material available at your “open house” sells your home, not your Realtor®.





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