Seven mistakes you should never make with signage.

See a signage flick.

  1. Include the property address on your primary signage. Signs with no address have a habit of disappearing or even being placed on competitive properties.
  2. Put your “open house” signs out just before your event. Other Realtors® will try to take advantage of your open house by posting signs directing buyers to their properties. Try not to give them too much advance warning, although you must promote your open house on Realtor®-based sites like Zillow®, Trulia®, and If you have arranged multiple-listing events (i.e. cooperating with other Realtors® in a development) this becomes a moot point.
  3. You need many smaller “open house” signs, with an address, pointing the way to your home, visible when driving from your entry sign(s) all the way to YOUR property. This might take up to a dozen secondary signs.
  4. Make sure you have permission from the community board before planting your signs. Most gated communities do not allow signage. If that's the case, you must rely on social media and a list of names given to security at the entry gate. It's much more complex when you rely on an RSVP format, but it can be done.
  5. Make sure your FOR SALE or RENT signs remain on your property 24/7 (with proper permissions). They must be checked regularly, particularly if a home is empty. Signs like to take hikes in highly competitive markets.
  6. “Red” is the color of most property signage for good reason. Keep it bright, and simple.
  7. Don’t worry about people “just looking.” The more, the merrier. A dozen tire-kickers often inspire a true buyer to take immediate action at a higher price.





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