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Kerstin Ingegerd Williams has wandered far from the flowering fields of her childhood home of Sundsvall in northern Sweden.

Kickanin FieldShe came to America in 1970, working at the Swedish Trade Commission in Chicago. She met her author/husband in a Jazz Bar on Lincoln Avenue. They moved to London, England in 1971, married in 1972, and then went to live in Stockholm, Sweden in 1975.

They returned to America in 1977, when her husband became an editor at the Readers Digest, the second largest publication in the world at that time. They lived in Westchester and New York City, where she helped start the Swedish American Educational Association (SWEA). She also became a partner of the Institute for Communications Advancement, which she owned with her husband. They lived in a 5,000 sq.ft. loft in Soho, NYC, becoming as famous for their parties as they were for their knowledge of marketing and communications.

Kerstin organized many groups from Sweden and taught them what it took to succeed in America.

She and her husband moved to Florida in 1991, where she startedKWTWawards Florida's Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. She was chosen Swede of the Year by that organization in 2005.

She began to edit some of her husband's work into award-winning memoirs and novels. She has been his content editor from the start, and he is fond of saying, “She always makes me put my best self, my best words, and my best scenes forward.”

They have been married for 48 years.



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